A Lot of Grey: My Experience of Postnatal Mental Health… So Far…

I’ve started this blog post so many times. So many times. The words have been in my head. But when I try to put the words down I become lost. Lost for words. And as anyone who knows me will know, that isn’t me! So I’ll give it another go.  I don’t think that there’s enough awareness… Continue reading A Lot of Grey: My Experience of Postnatal Mental Health… So Far…

An Overnight Stay + Baby = A Whole New Ballgame!

Well, that was an experience! Our first overnight trip away with our little man. Or, as it should be called, how to fit as much “stuff” into your car as possible! It’s a good job we only have one child, I’ve no idea where we’d put a second! In fairness it was a pretty simple… Continue reading An Overnight Stay + Baby = A Whole New Ballgame!

Those Precious Little Moments

I read a quote yesterday about how babies are only babies for such a short time. And it’s true, I don’t know how many times I’ve been told “it goes so fast” by more experienced parents. I have to say that the last four and a half months have flown by and I know I’m… Continue reading Those Precious Little Moments

The Pressure….and the Guilt

I’m talking about feeding. Specifically breastfeeding. Before I had my little man I had decided that I was going to exclusively breastfeed. I mean why would I bottle feed? Surely breastfeeding was the most natural and right thing to do? I did buy four bottles, only because they were on sale in Lidl and it… Continue reading The Pressure….and the Guilt

Worried and Overwhelmed

Oh my goodness! For me I think that these are two of the best words to describe becoming a mum. In fact for someone like me, a lifelong chronic worrier, it’s a wonder that I ever wanted to become one in the first place. I mean, doesn’t motherhood make you conjure up all the worries… Continue reading Worried and Overwhelmed