Hello again!

Hello again! It’s been a while (I feel like I’m starting many of my recent blog posts like this!), I’d love to blog more but between my little man and an exciting project that I’ve been working on recently time seems to have run away with itself. 

But I’ve time now, it’s currently naptime which is always a good time to do anything. Aren’t naptimes precious? I always feel so torn at naptime; do I tackle the housework, pursue more freelance work or have a rest myself to recharge? If I’ve freelance work to do then there’s no option – nap time is optimal work time! However, on a day like today when I don’t have work to do it’s a quandary – after all, these hours are so precious! 

I tend to go with how I feel. If I’m tired then, no matter how much housework needs doing, it makes sense to rest. If I feel more energetic – like today – it makes sense to do something, be it work-related or housework. Today, I’m lucky that my husband has a day off work so it’s possible for me to do housework when our little man is awake. Although I am about to go and make a big pan of veggie pasta for lunch and to be frozen to be used as homemade ready-meals – such a time saver! But it’s so important to use naptimes for you, especially if, like me, you’re with your little one all day. You need that time, so if you use it watching Netflix so be it! 

Image by Renê Souza da Silva from Pixabay

Asides from making the most of naptimes we’re also now in the “twos”, I don’t want to call them “the terrible”! But they certainly come with challenges! In our case that includes the two-year sleep regression which has been a big shock to the system as our little man has been a good night-time sleeper since he was a few months old. We could rely on it and I was – to work. So that’s made my working life more difficult and I’ve had to be realistic about what I can and can’t take on whilst we’re going through this. But we’ve decided to accept it’s a phase, go with it, take advice and hope that it resolves itself soon – thinking that way makes it more manageable. 

But with the challenges come the lovely moments too – watching him grow and develop, the genuine cuddles, going to the beach (our little man’s happy place) and enjoying his interests which are currently diggers and cars! For that we live in a good place, it feels like we’ve permanent roadworks in Sligo so there are plenty of diggers around and now, instead of feeling frustrated by all the traffic delays, I’m actually enjoying the joy my son is getting out of simply seeing the diggers! It’s the little things! 

Our little man’s happy place

Another good thing is that Ireland is slowly starting to open up again and I’m really looking forward to toddler groups and activities restarting as I really feel that our little man needs that interaction – I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that. I think it’ll be good for me too. I’m someone who loves being around other people, although I can be quite shy with people I don’t know (so I’m the one who’s a bit nervous about toddler groups!), and I’ve noticed that having had pretty much a year without social interaction with strangers that I do feel a bit of apprehension. But no matter how I feel I’ll be going to whatever toddler activities I can for my little man’s sake so the sooner they start again the better!

On that note I’m going to make the pasta and make the most of what’s left of naptime – I can feel Netflix calling!

Colette x

2 thoughts on “Hello again!”

  1. It’s lovely to see you back blogging, it can be so impossible finding time to blog whilst looking after a little one can’t it?! I totally feel you on the nap times, my girl only naps for 30 mins at a time making it impossible to really get anything done and I usually just end up scrolling on my phone than actually doing anything productive haha! I look forward to reading more content xxx


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