So what’s getting you through?

It’s been a long stint so far hasn’t it? 2021 isn’t exactly living up to the expectation we all put on it! And with the Irish government all but announcing that we’re in for at least another nine weeks of strict restrictions (basically the same as we’re in now), it all feels a bit never-ending at the moment. But at least there’s hope on the horizon. Over here, it feels very much on the horizon as things seem to be moving very slowly compared to the UK, but we’ll get there. Although I’ve already told myself that the road trip to England to see family and friends that I’d thought would happen in 2021, will more than likely happen in 2022. When I decided to move countries 12 years ago, I never ever thought that going back home would become such a difficulty. But there’s no point in brooding over it, I can’t change it, I just have to accept it. I’m lucky with what I have and thank goodness for Zoom! 

So, apart from Zoom (I know, we’re all getting a bit Zoomed-out, but I know that for me it’s still a real lifeline too), what’s getting you through? Asides from the normal day-to-day routine? I know that the fact that I have to get out of bed in the morning, because I have a little man to look after has definitely helped me through this bizarre year. 

But, Zoom, phone calls, walks, little man and husband aside (as extra time with them has been the best thing about the past year), what else has got me through? Well, in no particular order:

  • Netflix

Schitt’s Creek, Bridgerton, The Home Edit, Selling Sunset – they’re just four of the shows that I’ve been loving recently. We’re already a good bit through Schitt’s Creek and I just don’t want it to end, I’ve already got my fingers crossed for a reunion show a few years down the line. I finished Bridgerton far too quickly (I can’t wait for season two) and I miss my “Bridgerton breaks”, yes, the little man’s naptime did become my Bridgerton time on work-free days. I’m drip-feeding myself The Home Edit – I dream of being that organised. And Selling Sunset? Well, as my son would say – wowee! It is so far removed from my life, or that of anyone I know, that I just watched it in fascination and loved every minute of it.

  • Instagram

What I really like about Instagram is that you’re free to choose what you see, okay, so there are adverts, but I’m not seeing something because someone I’m connected to was tagged into it, something I don’t like about Facebook. So I choose to follow accounts that I enjoy hearing about. There are certain accounts that really do brighten up my day, that I’ve found a godsend through the pandemic, just a minute or so of cheerfulness has been such a tonic at times – and makes me feel that I’m not on my own.

  • Work

This might sound like a bizarre one, but I’ve always loved the feeling of purpose that working gives me, ever since I got my first job in a supermarket when I was 16. I enjoy the satisfaction of work, using my brain and doing something that’s just for me  (well, technically for all three of us, but you know what I mean). At the moment it’s actually some “me-time”, plus I’m enjoying what I’m doing which helps too. 

  • The thought of crochet

I know – this is such a random one! Basically, I love being creative, I went through a huge card-making phase a few years ago, and something else I love to do is crochet although I’ve never made anything more than crochet bunting. However, I do have one of Attic24’s blanket-making kits which I started (ahem) three years ago. I loved the handful of granny squares that I made, and the colours are just so beautiful too. However, life got in the way, and I’ve been meaning to get back to it for ages, and I still intend to do so – very soon! As with so many of us at the moment who are juggling work, housework and family, time isn’t on my side. However, the thought that I might get to do this the next day, or the day after that, or maybe at the weekend, is strangely making me feel good. Now I just have to find the time to get on with it. And I will, one day a beautiful crochet blanket that I made will grace our bed, or our sofa. One day.

  • Reading

This has always been my go to throughout my life. I’ve loved reading since I knew how to read (I was that kid who just read everywhere and anywhere), although I’ve struggled to find as much time for it as an adult, but as an aspiring writer I make as much time for it as I can. I’ve been reading a lot of middle-grade children’s fiction books lately as my own writing is in that area, and I can’t tell you how many amazing children’s books there are out there, the range is just fantastic. However, I’m now back onto adult’s fiction again, I’m currently reading “Grown Ups” by Marian Keyes – she’s such a fantastic writer and such a breath of fresh air whenever I’ve seen or heard her interviewed. It’s such a treat to get the time to sit down and transport myself to a covid-free world!  

  • Podcasts

These are a godsend on those endless days. The great thing is I can be playing a podcast on my phone whilst playing with my little man, so I’m getting the adult conversation and the precious little man time too. What I love about podcasts is that I can choose what to listen to depending on how I’m feeling. If I miss a bit it doesn’t matter, I can rewind it back, or listen again. I generally search for interviews of well-known people I’m interested in – I listened to a brilliant Google podcast the other day with the cast of Schitt’s Creek and just this morning I listened to Between Ourselves on BBC Sounds with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn. I’m also loving Coffee Break German too – I did German to A-level, spent a semester in Austria as a student and I’m forever trying to improve my German. There are so many brilliant podcasts out there – too many to mention!

So, at the moment that’s what’s getting me through. What about you?

Colette x

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