The Juggle is Real

Yet again it’s been a while, the title might explain why! How are you all doing? Lockdown three is it? At least it is in Ireland the UK. It feels to me like it’s been some sort of a lockdown for almost a year now. Even when we weren’t “locked down” so to speak, things were still so restricted – and I’ve been very cautious all year too – that I feel that not much has changed for me in terms of restrictions since March.  

I’m finding this lockdown tougher, not particularly emotionally, just in terms of managing the day-to-day. My little man is now very much a fully-fledged toddler, demanding and lots of fun at the same time. He’s at an age where he constantly has to be watched, meanwhile I’m trying to work from home! Fortunately working as a freelancer means that I have flexibility as to when I work, so it’s nap times, evening times and weekends, when my husband is home from work. But then if I’m using that time to work, and my husband is minding our little man when he’s at home. What happens to the housework? I don’t even have home schooling to consider, and I know I’m lucky to have the extra pair of hands when my husband isn’t at work. 

Well, admittedly the housework has gone on the back burner, a little, although I’ve a work-free weekend, so that means a housework-filled weekend. Isn’t life just so exciting at the moment? But it’s the same for so many people, we’re all juggling different balls. And a quote I heard recently was something along the lines of that “we’re all in the same storm, just not in the same boat”. It’s so true, we’re all dealing with different things in different ways, but our lives are quite different to how they were twelve months ago. 

Some days I feel like I’m getting there, and other days I feel like I’m floundering, and just take comfort in the fact we’ve all been fed, have clean clothes, have a roof over our heads and are happy. That’s enough. To be honest, to be always able to say that I have that should be enough, pandemic or no pandemic. For me, one positive about the pandemic is that I think that so many of us are realising that the simple pleasures are those golden moments in life. We had a birthday in our house this week and, with everything going on, the celebrations were simple and small, but we all had such a lovely day. 

Yesterday was a particularly demanding day, my little man got out of the cot on the wrong side for sure! He was awake from about 5.30am. Had a very short nap in the morning and that was it for the day! It was an exhausting day, full of lovely little moments, and challenging ones too – not wanting to come in from the garden, throwing food on the floor, little toddler tantrums that end as quickly as they begin. I even thought I might get this blog post written, I thought I could write in the same room as him while he played – what was I thinking? However, in the evening just before bedtime when he was running around and using up his last burst of energy for the day and I was sitting on the floor watching him, feeling pretty exhausted, he threw himself into my arms and all he wanted was a cuddle. It’s those little moments that just make it for me – I don’t even mind a weekend of housework! 

Amidst the chaos I’m also trying to find some “down-time”. It’s so important for all us, whatever situation we’re in. Some weeks it’s been impossible because I’ve had work to do, but then last week there was a bit of breathing space which allowed for Zoom calls (what would we do without them?), reading and time enjoy Netflix!

I’ve also decided not to overdo things myself. My new music venture – Recorder Restart – is now on for a February start. As a freelancer I’m learning to manage my own time and with what the rest of January holds for me in terms of work, it makes sense to start in February. So promoting the classes starts in earnest next week. 

Anyway, I’m on a short bit of downtime before the housework begins – so I’m going to finish my tea and tune into Netflix! 

Colette x

2 thoughts on “The Juggle is Real”

  1. I have just found your blog and I love it! This lockdown has definitely felt different than the other 2, I think we are all just getting a bit fed up now. Hopefully once we all get vaccinated it won’t be too long until the world returns to some normality. xxx


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