Happy New Year!

It’s finally 2021! It feels good to say that at long last. Although the global situation is currently very difficult, I’m putting my energies into being optimistic about the new year. I always love the start of the year because I feel it is a time for optimism, but this time it feels more important than ever.

This blog has been quiet for a while and may well go quiet again, as the new venture that I wrote about in my last post – almost two months ago – has become a proper career change! So for me the new year has got off to an exciting start as I am now working as a freelance proofreader, editor and writer. I’m working from home, and can fit the work in around my little man, which is what I wanted. Much of my freelancing work is music related, which is great as I love all things music. For that reason I’m hoping to get another venture underway at the end of January, a musical one this time – Recorder Restart – online group recorder classes for adult learners. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, plus it keeps me working in practical music too – without leaving the house!

Since making this change I’ve felt a change in myself – I’m feeling more positive and energised – and I definitely need that energy for my little man! I will miss what I used to do, I feel so fortunate for all the opportunities I’ve had in the past working in music education, I’ve been very lucky, but this feels right for this time in my life. In many ways circumstances forced this change, although it’d been something I’d been thinking about for a while. It got to the point where I had to find a way to earn a proper living again – from home – and my dream of freelancing seemed like the obvious solution.

It’s also great to have something new whilst we’re still in the midst of this pandemic. I’m putting my focus on my career change, and just enjoying being with my little man too. He’s very much a proper toddler now, a loveable ball of energy, and it’s just a joy to be with him. It’s lovely now that he’s so responsive to so much and that we can try out different activities, although Christmas crafting didn’t go too well – he doesn’t like getting anything on his hands, such as paint, so I got one hand print out of him and that was it (I had to add in my own handprint to fill the page, he doesn’t have odd sized hands!). I had a great time though, and he’s very good at holding the glitter sprinkler (we still have glitter everywhere – I even spotted some on the dog’s back!). Lego on the other hand is a different story, we’ve been making airports and building cars as well as things that I can’t identify! He’s growing up so quickly, and it really is these simple pleasures that are those special times with him.

So that’s where things are up to, simple times and a new start. A good way to start the new year.

Wishing you and your families a brighter 2021! And I’ll check in here again soon.

Colette x

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