Happy Father’s Day!

Just a short post today to mark Father’s Day! 

My husband is celebrating his second Father’s Day today with our little man and I just wanted to say what a great dad he is. As regular readers of the blog will know, it’s not easy for him as he has multiple sclerosis (ms), so there are more challenges for him than others. However, despite that he is such a hands-on dad (not quite so much with nappies – mainly because his condition causes hand tremors – not a great combination with nappy changing!) and our son just loves him. From their breakfast times in the morning (that’s a daddy and son time in our house, allowing mummy to get a bit of “me time” before the day starts) to their story times together, to playtime, especially with the latest favourite toys – a digger and a truck (I’m not sure who has more fun there!), my husband has really embraced fatherhood. 

If our son grows up to be anything like his daddy I will be so proud as my husband is incredibly kind and loving, not allowing his condition to be a barrier in his relationship with our little man. I just love watching them together and was so amuse the other evening as my husband was sorting out the washing with our son who was following him and “helping” him (ie. throwing the washing on the floor!):

My husband doesn’t forget me either, supporting me when I was working from home by looking after our little man in the evenings and weekends whilst I worked. He still does this now, to allow me a chance to write and attempt to fulfil my dreams.  And, needless to say, that down time first thing in the morning really does set me up for the full day ahead on my own with our little man. 

Yet whilst he’s doing all this he struggles big time with fatigue (a huge part of ms), generally feels rotten after taking his medication and constantly has pain in the soles of his feet – something he very rarely mentions – I just can’t imagine how that must feel.

I know how lucky I am and for that I just want to say “thank you” (he has no idea I’m writing this!), for being a wonderful dad, a brilliant husband and for just being you.

Colette (and our little man) x

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